Thursday, March 6, 2008

Seven Random Things

I was challenged by Rachelle (see third comment to previous post) to post seven random unknown facts about myself. So here goes.

1) I love watching Stargate SGI.

2) I have always wanted to wear hats, but I look so odd in them that I don't. But I still plan to find the right hat. Because I'm an author, I am allowed weirdness.

3) It may sound cranky and bah-humbugish, but one of my pet peeves is when parents make their children record cutsey (and often unintelligible) messages on their answering machines. There has only been one message by a child that I didn't roll my eyes at and wait impatiently as it finished. This was recorded by my friend Anita Stansfield's son John, who was a teenager at the time. It said something like this: "Mom's in some country nobody can prounce and the rest of us are too lazy to pick up the phone. Leave a message." Since Anita is a writer and she was working on a book set in a foreign country, I thought this was appropriate. It was also short. James Loveland, a man I admire once said, "Be bold, be brilliant, be brief" and I believe in this wholeheartely, especially when it comes to telephone messages.

4) I love the smell of the rain on the pavement.

5) Sometimes in the next few years I plan to buy a tiny house or apartment in Portugal and live there part of every year. After my children grow up, I plan to stay there all winter. Goodbye snow!

6) I personally mop my kitchen floor ONLY when my mother-in-law comes to visit. Unfortunately for my floor she lives in Europe (Portugal). For now my floor is in the hands of my sixteen-year-old daughter whose bedroom is usually so messy you can't find the carpet.

7) My favorite sleeping position in on my left side, but I try to sleep on my right to even out the sleep wrinkles on my face. (You probably only understand this if you are over thirty.)


  1. I have a dream of living in Europe for two years once the kids are gone. I want to have a cottage or flat somewhere and then travel all over leisurely instead of trying to see it all in two weeks.


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