Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Question in the Imprints $50 Gift Certificate Contest


Okay, it's time for the 2nd question and another chance to be entered into the drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. As before, just enter your response in the comments, which are being moderated so no one can peek. Anyone can enter (you don't have to have answered any other question). After today, the questions will get harder and you'll have to have read the book!

Question #2

In Imprints, what is the name of Autumn's best guy friend?

It was really interesting to see the answers to question number #1. Most people got it right, but a few were off, though the answer was on the description of the book.

You get one entry for your correct answer and one for everyone else you send here to comment. Good luck! And remember if you enjoyed Imprints, please let Deseret Book know that you'd love to see more of this genre! You can do this by clicking here.


  1. Imprints are emotions left behind on objects.
    Marilyn Bunderson, you sent me here from LDStorymakers, Thanks!

  2. Holly Bates
    --- best friend----Jake
    sent by: facebook

  3. Autumn's best friend is Jake Ryan. Marilyn Bunderson. I think I commented to the first question here. Sorry.

  4. Rachel, can you please tell us HOW to let DB know we liked the book and want to see more? Who do we contact?

  5. Name of Autumns best guy friend: Jake Ryan

    Rachel Williamson DeVaughn
    i'm your friend on facebook and follower of your blog. :-)
    should be getting your book in the mail by the end of the week!! hurray!

  6. Good point, Daron. I moderated this one coment early so I could say that I've that information to the blog. Thanks!

  7. My name is Holly Bjelland, Rachel sent me here through her facebook page. Autumn's best friends name is Jake.

  8. Jake is the name of her good guy friend.

    Jeni Roberts

  9. I was sent to this blog by Lisa, my lovely little sister! My name is Angelica. If I win I want the gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. The answer to your 1st question is: 'emotions mysteriously left behind on certain tresured objects.' The answer to the 2nd question is: Jake Ryan. Keep writing, you are the BEST! :D

  10. Jake Ryan is the name of Autumn's best friend.
    My name is Julie Hatch ( and I am on your email list. Thanks,

  11. Laura Lyon @

    Autumn's best guy friend is Jake.

  12. This is what I sent:

    To the publishing dept. at Deseret Book:

    I just wanted to say thank you for publishing Rachel's latest book, "Imprints", and allowing it to be carried in Deseret Book stores. It is very well written. As someone who enjoys a good contemporary novel, I can tell you that it is harder and harder to find clean fiction out there in the national market. Paranormal fiction is very popular right now, and this book of Rachel's is a jewel. I look forward to seeing "Imprints" becoming a best-seller!

    Please continue to carry and produce good, clean novels worthy of national market attention. Thanks again.


    Daron D. Fraley
    author of "The Thorn" book one of "The Chronicles of Gan"

  13. Wow! Thanks, Daron, I appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed the book!

  14. I'm wondering if this is a trick question because I'm not convinced that Jake is "just a friend." LOL. But I guess I'll go with Jake as my final answer. :-D

  15. Autumn's best guy friend: Jake Ryan

    In my mind, he's truly dreamy......Dreds and everything!

  16. Jake

    from Shary Linfor

  17. forgot to add Jake's last name of Ryan on my first post..... Jake Ryan

    Shary Linfor

  18. Stacy Henrie - The answer is Jake.

  19. Jake, but for the life of me, I can't find his last name. Yes I haven't picked up Imprints yet, so I looked at Eyes of A Stranger.

  20. Christina Jorgensen
    His name is Jake.

  21. Okay, entries are closed for #2. Thanks everyone. More questions to come!


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