Monday, April 26, 2010

Question #4 in the Imprints $50 Giveaway


Okay, 4th question for another chance to enter the drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. Enter your response in the comments, which are being moderated so no one can peek. You don't have to have answered any other question to answer this one.

Question #4
In Imprints what does Autumn touch of Director Dar's that causes her to see a conversation between him and his brother, Inclar.

Question #1, #2, and #3 are now closed, but there is still time to respond to future questions. After I post the comments, it's too late! You get one entry for your correct answer and one for everyone else you send here to comment. Good luck! And remember if you enjoyed Imprints, please let Deseret Book (publishing division) know that you'd love to see more of this genre! You can do this by clicking here. Good luck!


  1. My name is Holly Bjelland, Rachel sent me through her facebook page. Autumn touches Director Dar's watch and see's the imprint of his brother.

  2. his watch

    Shary Linfor

  3. My sister Lisa sent me to your blog, my name is Angelica. The answer to the 4th question is: 'the watch on Director Dar's wrist (the timepiece).' Thank you again for the books you write. They are intriguing, inspirational & incredibly hard to put down once you start reading them!

  4. Laura Lyon @

    Autumn touches Director Dar's watch when she sees the conversation between him and his brother, Inclar.

  5. His watch!
    Melissa Lybbert
    I sent myself!

  6. Hi my name is Jean Thedell,
    the answer to #4 is watch or timepiece. I look at your blog often. My email is

  7. Amanda

    Answer: Dar's watch

    I have a link to your page on my blog so I sent myself! :)

  8. Holly Bates

    answer- his watch

    Sent by facebook/email

  9. she touched the watch piece on his arm.
    Rachel DeVaughn-VA

  10. She touches his silver wrist watch

    Stephanie Skidmore

  11. Jessica Skidmore

    She touches his silver watch. Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog.

  12. Brad Skidmore
    She touched his wristwatch. Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog.

  13. She touches his wrist watch

    Kylie Durham

    Stephanie Skidmore sent me here!

  14. I don't have the book in front of me to flip through and confirm, but it seems like it's some kind of chain.

  15. I seem to remember she reached out and touched his watch.

  16. Christine Foster- #4 Autumn touches Dar's watch, the metal band and the face.

  17. My Name is Angie Black
    I get updates on your website in my email.
    The answer to #4 is: Autumn touches the red flashlight that is borrowed to her.

  18. (Stephanie Skidmore sent me to the blog).

    She touches his wristwatch.

  19. The answer is....She touches his
    wrist watch.

    Kristen Skidmore sent by Stephanie Skidmore


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