Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Acrylic Nails

This past year I experimented with acrylic nails and I love them, especially the way they always looked great all month without me doing a thing. However, I recently made the decision to go without, and here's why.

1. Cost. My nails would cost between $20 and $35 a month. (Some women I know go every two weeks, which makes the cost significantly more.) I can use that elsewhere.

2. The smell of the chemicals is overwhelming (at least to me).

3. It's hard to open a can of pop.

4. Difficult to pick up coins or other small objects from a countertop or table.

5. The nails sometime break or chip on the edges and dirt can wedge its way between your real nail and the acrylic one, leaving a dark line on the edges.

6. They are impossible to remove alone without a huge investment of time.

7. The chemicals and materials destroy your real nails (I'm hoping mine eventually recover).

8. It's impossible to wedge an acrylic nail between your teeth to flick out a bit of popcorn.

9. Who has the time to drive all the way to the salon and spend an hour getting the nails on? (This was a major decider for me.)

10. The clincher: Acrylic nails make it much harder to rack and shoot your pistols.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Deal on Books Extended!

Still in time to order!

Five of my earlier novels are on sale for Christmas! These are brand new novels, not store seconds, and I’m selling them below my cost to clean out my inventory. Yes, that’s 5 books for $24, a $75 value! Plus shipping. No limit. Whiles supplies last. Even with shipping, it’s a great value. Many recent readers haven’t yet these earlier novels yet, so this is a great time to buy them for yourself or other book-lovers. Buy now through PayPal for Christmas!

Any 1 for $6.00
Any 2 for $11.00
Any 3 for $16.00
Any 4 for $20.00
Any 5 for $24.00

Books available:
To Love and To Promise (2nd edition) reg. $15.95
A Bid for Love (2nd edition Love series #1) reg. $15.95
Framed for Love (2nd edition Love series #2) reg. $15.95
Love on the Run (2nd edition Love series #3) reg. $15.95
A Greater Love (1st edition) reg. $12.95

Add your shipping choice (delivery in 2-3 business days in U.S. after 24 hours processing time):
Option #1 $4.90 for 1 to 3 books (these will come in a flat rate priority envelope) $11.45 for Canada and Mexico and $13.45 for elsewhere outside the U.S.

Option #2 $9.80 for 4 to 6 books (these will come in TWO flat rate priority envelopes) $22.90 for Canada and Mexico and $26.90 for other places outside the U.S.

Option #3 $10.70 for up to 8 books (these will come in a flat rate priority box) $26.95 for Canada and Mexico and $43.45 for elsewhere outside the Continental U.S.

Keep in mind that the boxes will protect books better than the cardboard envelope and though we pack with care, we cannot be responsible for books that are dented by the post office. If you want insurance, ask me about adding it! If you live in Utah Valley, e-mail me about a possible pick up to save on postage. Send payment using PayPal to Include in the instructions which books you want, to whom you want them autographed, and add your shipping choice into the total. Or send me an e-mail.

To learn more about these books, or to read a sample chapter, visit my website and click on the book drop down menu. All orders will be sent the next day by priority mail. Order now!

Merry Christmas!