Monday, February 6, 2012

60% Off Print Copies of Autumn Rain Series

Wow! From Feb 6-11 ONLY, online and in Deseret Book stores, my publisher is selling Imprints and Shades of Gray, books 1 & 2 of my Autumn Rain series, for 6.99 (reg 17.99)! I can't get them anywhere near this price, so I'm passing along the word and stocking up for presents. Since #3, Final Call ($17.99) is barely out, this is the perfect opportunity to get the entire series. There is no religious element in the novels, but they are clean adventure romances so they are great for all ages. The Independence Club, is also $6.99. Click here to buy. Scroll past the ebooks until you find the titles (you may need to click to the second page). Pass this along & enjoy!


  1. I'm adding my testimonial that the Autumn Rain novels are wonderful! They are clean, well-written, fun to read stories with just the right mix of mystery, magic and romance. Thanks Rachel!

  2. Thanks, Julie! Which reminds me--I have a copy of Final Call here for you. I was thinking of bringing it to your house with the new manuscript in the next week or two. And did I hear right? Michelle said you had a book accepted! So cool! Tell me everything--or where can I read about it?

  3. I loved Shades of Gray, and I can't wait to read the others. Independence Club was such a fun read with a great line-up of characters. You are so amazing, Rachel!


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