Monday, December 28, 2015

Movie-like Content Ratings for Books

For years I've been annoyed when I pick up a perfectly beautiful-looking book, only to be slammed by over-the-top content. Yes, I'm rather conservative in my reading. I dislike books that have so many swear words that I feel like I'm in the middle of a juvenile swearing competition. To me, swearing is a lazy, telling way to show me how a character feels, and I much prefer more creative methods.

And sexual intimacy? Don't even get me started. I love romance, kissing, and sexual tension, but I'm not into details. They bore me utterly, slowing the plot until I skip ahead. (Yes, I write romance, but it's plot-based, not sex-based.)

Violence I don't mind so much unless it's very graphic or involves child sacrifice (which I can't tolerate at all).

Yet invariably, I run into such content. No warning, just slam!

Of course everyone is different and has different preferences, which is perfectly fine with me, but there should be a way to have some inkling of what's in the book before I buy.

Movies are rated, so why not books? If I'm going to fork out my hard-earned money, I deserve to have some idea of what I'm in for, right?

Well, a year ago some other authors, programmers, and I decided to do something about it: the creation of My Book Cave. If you are interested in finding great books that meet your expectations, I hope you'll jump in and support this site!

My Book Cave Rates Books for Content

At My Book Cave, subscribers sign up to hear about free and discounted books that match their content ratings. So if you don't mind violence but don't want swearing or sex? You can choose that. Don't mind kissing, but don't want to see intimate sexual details? Then that's what you choose. No more guessing!

Advantages of Subscribing

1. Use of the site is always going to be free for subscribers.

2. Books are free or steeply discounted, so you can try out new authors without a lot of expense.

3. Our editors look carefully at every book before approving the deal to make sure it's a  quality product with decent grammar and formatting.

4. Every book is also content rated with movie-like ratings that tell you exactly what is in the book and why it's rated that way.

5. Just for subscribing, you'll get three bestselling, content-rated ebooks for free that aren't discounted anywhere else (the books will change on January first, so if you don't see ones you want now, you can wait for then).

So far this has been a labor of love, lol, but hopefully someday we'll be able to pay staff to help out by charging authors a small sum to promote their books. (We have thousands of subscribers and some authors are already reporting significant downloads—authors can submit their deals here.) We are also are working on a sister site (My Book Ratings) that will provide a free permanent listing for all the content-rated books. Readers, authors, and publishers will be able to submit their books and the content ratings for each. I think it's going to be a fabulous resource for readers.

Please pass this on to the readers and authors you know by using the share buttons below. We readers have the right to know the content rating of a  books before we spend money on them and the more support we have, the more books we can get rated!

I welcome any comments. Do you like the idea of content-rated books?