Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tell Me No Lies Available in Print!

Click on the cover to see at Amazon.

Tell Me No Lies is finally in print! Enjoy!

Also newly available in print:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Notice the AMAZING

Since the first day our youngest was born, we've told her (and anyone who will listen) how AMAZING she is. This has had a profound affect on my older children in regards to anything the baby does. They really do find her absolutely amazing, whether she's smiling, walking, messing her pants (and her clothes and our clothes and the floor), or spitting up all over. (See here for a blog post I wrote about this.)

It's our attitude that counts.

So I've decided to put more effort into pointing out all the amazing things all my children do. But why stop there? What about my spouse, my sister, my friends? What about myself? Let's sit up and NOTICE THE AMAZING. I believe if we do this, we will see a lot more amazing things going on.

Love to hear from you if you do!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Friday 13th Book Deals

Friday the 13th is said to be unlucky, but today that's not the case.

My ebook A Glimpse of Eternity, regularly $6.99, will be on sale for $2.99 on the Kindle and Nook this Friday and Saturday (July 13th and 14th). So if you've never had a chance to read the story of Ari...ana's three daughters, now is your chance. It's a long book and two of the daughters begin as teens and end as young young wives with children. And the other . . . well, I'd better let you read about her for yourselves.

If you missed downloading my chapter book on the Kindle, The Problem With Spaceships: Zero G will be FREE this weekend beginning on Friday! It's a great book to read to the kidlets or to keep them busy while you're driving somewhere.

This Friday the 13th is also your lucky day because my friend BJ Rowley has begun writing again and his books are newly available on the Kindle. To celebrate, he's GIVING AWAY My Body Fell Off! the first in his Light Traveler series for young adults. These novels are updated for technology (cell phone, etc.), which makes them even more fun.

So download today on LUCKY Friday the 13th to download Zero G, A Glimpse of Eternity, and My Body Fell Off! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why It Pays Readers to Invest in a Kindle, Android, or iPad/iPod

I have recently formatted fifteen of my older novels for ebook, most of them out-of-print as well as released three new projects (a novella, a chapter book, and a romantic suspense novel). Formatting for the Kindle came first because it was the most accessible to me, they have a huge platform, and they had a DRM option, which I feel is important for writers to protect their copyright. (I know there are ways around DRM, and there are always people out there who are dishonest and forward ebooks to others, but at least the average Joe thinks twice about doing so if the DRM is in place. NOTE: Forwarding ebooks to others who haven’t bought them is against the law.) I have also recently put most of these books on the Nook, which turned out to be just as easy, though they don’t sell as well.

The most exciting thing about ebooks is that I can offer these books at a third of the price of the printed copies. Yay!

A Bid For Love - available on ebook! 
But I still get emails asking when I’m going to get these books in print. Well, for my new releases, they will definitely go to press eventually with my regular publishers, but for the older books that have already seen several print runs, the matter is more complicated. You see, my ebooks have sold enough to make it worth the time I took to put them there, and I’m hoping that promotions I can do with my limited free time will to raise sales, but I won’t be able to hire a typesetter and someone to figure out the print-on-demand options offered by CreateSpace (the print “sister” to Amazon ebooks). That means I have to wait until I have time to learn how to typeset the books myself. I have to do it ALL myself or risk losing money to print the older books.

All that takes time away from my “day” job of writing for my regular publisher. When I do release the older books in print, I will have to charge the higher price demanded by the print-on-demand company, which prints a book at a time, as opposed to traditional publishing which prints larger amounts, but which have to be all paid for in advance—something you can’t do for older books that will likely sell fewer than ten percent of the ebook copies.

That means the people who want my older books in print form have to pay three times what they would have paid for the same ebook. No more books for $5.99 or $6.99. Nope, they would be $14.99 or more like the $17.99 that my publisher charges for my new novels. Yikes!

So if someone bought ten of my older ebooks instead of print copies, they would save more than enough to buy a Kindle. Or throw in the other five, and two of my newer books (my publisher discounts even new ebooks from $17.95 to $9.99), and with your savings, you could buy a Kindle Fire or a nice Android phone or an iPod and download a Kindle app. Once you have done this, you can get the less expensive ebooks, AND you are also ready to participate in any free ebooks offer authors/publishers sometimes send out during promotions. Win-win! And you never have to worry about not having enough room for more books.

Now I haven’t mentioned the Nook because I sell less than ten percent of my ebooks there, and it’s because of Amazon’s KDP program, that authors and publishers can occasionally offer books for free during very limited promotion days. So, if you have a Nook, you’ll need to root it or buy a special card if you want Kindle books.

That said, I want to invite you to download two FREE Kindle books to jumpstart your savings!

Here’s the scoop:
This Saturday May 26th-27th, kick off your summer with FREE Kindle books by two best-selling authors! 

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than by stocking up on books? This is the perfect opportunity to get that Kindle you always wanted—or download the Kindle app for your iPad or computer and read for free!

A Bid For Love – a heart-stopping contemporary romantic suspense novel by Rachel Ann Nunes.

The Captain of Her Heart – an intensely romantic historical novel set in the Revolutionary War period by Anita Stansfield.

Join us any time on Saturday May 26th-27th, and pass this on to friends and family. Make sure you mark the date on your phones and calendars because you don’t want to miss it!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Amazing Baby and a Free Book

So the other day my baby, then about seven months old, exploded from her diaper. She does this quite regularly, but this time she was covered all the way up her back, in the front, and out the bottom. It was quite something else (and I've raised six other children). On the way to the to the bathtub, I stopped to show Liana, my eight-year-old daughter, what her sister had done. I expected her to say, "Ooo gross!" Instead a huge smile came over her face and and she said, "Lisbon, you're SO AMAZING! Aren't you, sweetie? Yes, you are. So AMAZING!" And she went upstairs with me to help clean the baby.

Then last week Lisbon was a little sick, and when Liana came home from school, she grabbed her from my arms as she always does. She lay down on the carpet, raising the baby above her, up and down. Lisbon laughed. She loves playing with her sister.

Then it happened. Yes, you guessed it. Lisbon threw up all over Liana's throat and shirt. It was really yucky. I know because I had just cleaned the same thing up not thirty minutes before.

And what did Liana do? I admit, I was holding my breath. I mean, that's a little too much for an eight-year-old to take.

But Liana laughed and said, "Oh, Lisbon, you're so AMAZING! Mom, can you pass me that rag?"

So who is really amazing here?

I think they both are. And I think that maybe the fact that we laugh every time something like this happens, no matter how long it takes to clean up or how long it delays whatever we're doing, we're teaching our children what's really important in life. Every day as I hold my baby, I know I'm the luckiest woman alive.

So to celebrate my amazing kids, I'm giving away 2,000 copies of my Kindle chapter book The Problem With Spaceships Book #1: Zero G Saturday April 28th for your child ages 6-10. Once you read it, you'll see why! I hope you find it AMAZING!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Caller ID by Rachelle J. Christensen

I'm excited to let everyone know that Rachelle J. Christensen has a new book out called Caller ID. I very much enjoyed her book Wrong Number, so I was really looking forward to this novel.

About the book:
Courtney Beckham is rich and beautiful and seems to have everything going for her. Then one day she discovers a secret lurking in the mountains near her home. Now she's a target of a kidnapper, and it’s all she can do to stay alive. Suspense, romance, and non-stop action. You don’t want to miss Caller ID!

Since I happen to know Rachelle (and she has a really cool first name), I asked her some questions so you could get to know her better.

Q: When did you first know you were going to be a writer? What was your first writing experience?

A: I’ve always loved to write. I used to sit out in the pasture and write poetry on all kinds of topics, then I began writing stories. I couldn’t stop exploring that world of writing and my obsession with those scribbles on the page, and here I am.

Q: Who is your favorite character in Caller ID?
A: Courtney. She’s strong, yet vulnerable. She has weaknesses and it was fun to watch her grow throughout the process of writing the book.

Q: Do your characters ever do things you don’t want them to?
A: Yes! Isn’t that crazy? I’ve been revising another book where this secondary character came and would not leave my main character alone. I’m glad he was so persistent though because his story turned out to be amazing.

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?
A: I’m not a huge ice cream fan, so usually I just say vanilla, but my hubby (huge connoisseur of ice cream) bought some Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ice Cream. Holy wow—it is so yum!

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
A: I want to go to Hawaii, and I’m determined to make it happen. But then I really want to go back to London. I attended a study abroad there for two months when I was in college and it was incredible.

Well, there you have it. I want to go to Hawaii, too, so maybe Rachelle and I will go to the Maui Writers Conference together some day when our babies are big enough to leave!

Click here to buy the book on Amazon. Or click here to see her book trailer. Oh, and if you visit Rachelle's website and click on her blog link, you can enter her contest for a new Ultra Flip Video Camcorder (4GB memory, Records 120 minutes Value $149.99) and other great prizes. You can enter to win between now and April 14, 2012. Winners will be announced and notified April 16, 2012. I hope I win the camcorder!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prank Wars--A Great Book for Valentines

My friend Stephanie has just released a new book called Prank Wars, a romantic comedy mystery novel. If you've read any of Steph's novels, you'll know that her words practically leap off the page. Prank Wars is a deliciously fun romp set in Provo and at BYU. The main character is Madeleine, a BYU student who is determined not to let love ever break her heart again, and she'll help all her friends get back at the guys before they get hurt, too. That's all fine and good, but when Madeleine finds herself falling for the wrong guy (again), this time her choice might be fatal.

I very much enjoyed this novel! You can read the first chapter on my website or click on the cover to buy.

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

60% Off Print Copies of Autumn Rain Series

Wow! From Feb 6-11 ONLY, online and in Deseret Book stores, my publisher is selling Imprints and Shades of Gray, books 1 & 2 of my Autumn Rain series, for 6.99 (reg 17.99)! I can't get them anywhere near this price, so I'm passing along the word and stocking up for presents. Since #3, Final Call ($17.99) is barely out, this is the perfect opportunity to get the entire series. There is no religious element in the novels, but they are clean adventure romances so they are great for all ages. The Independence Club, is also $6.99. Click here to buy. Scroll past the ebooks until you find the titles (you may need to click to the second page). Pass this along & enjoy!